color [kul′ər]
[ME & OFr colour < L color < OL colos, orig., a covering < IE base * kel-, to conceal, hide > HULL1, HALL]
1. the sensation resulting from stimulation of the retina of the eye by light waves of certain lengths
2. the property of reflecting light of a particular wavelength: the distinct colors of the spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, each of these shading into the next; the primary colors of the spectrum are red, green, and blue, the light beams of which variously combined can produce any of the colors
3. any coloring matter; dye; pigment; paint: the primary colors of paints, pigments, etc. are red, yellow, and blue, which, when mixed in various ways, produce the secondary colors (green, orange, purple, etc.): black, white, and gray are often called colors ( achromatic colors), although black is caused by the complete absorption of light rays, white by the reflection of all the rays that produce color, and gray by an imperfect absorption of all these rays
4. any color other than black, white, or gray; chromatic color: color is distinguished by the qualities of hue (as red, brown, yellow, etc.), lightness (for pigmented surfaces) or brightness (for light itself), and saturation (the degree of intensity of a hue)
5. color of the face; esp., a healthy rosiness or a blush
6. the color of a person's skin
7. skin pigmentation of a particular people or racial group, esp. when other than white
8. [pl.] a colored badge, ribbon, costume, etc. that identifies the wearer
9. [pl.]
a) a flag or banner of a country, regiment, etc.
b) the armed forces of a country, symbolized by the flag [to serve with the colors]
10. [pl.] the side that a person is on; position or opinion [stick to your colors]
11. outward appearance or semblance; plausibility
12. appearance of truth, likelihood, validity, or right; justification [the circumstances gave color to his contention]
13. general nature; character [the color of his mind]
14. vivid quality or character, as in a personality, literary work, etc.: see also LOCAL COLOR
15. Art the way of using color, esp. to gain a total effect
16. Law an apparent or prima-facie right
17. Mining a trace of gold found in panning
18. Music
a) timbre, as of a voice or instrument; tone color
b) elaborate ornamentation
19. Particle Physics a unique force or charge on each type of quark that controls how quarks combine to form hadrons: although called red, green, and blue, they are not related to visual colors
20. Photog., TV, etc.Photog. TV reproduction of images in chromatic colors rather than in black, white, and gray
21. TV, RadioTV Radio colorful details, background data, etc. supplied by a sports commentator between play-by-play descriptions of the action
TV Radio designating or of a sports commentator who supplies COLOR (n. 21)
[L colorare]
1. to give color to; impregnate or cover with color, as with paint, stain, or dye
2. to change the color of
3. to give a pleasing, convincing, or reasonable appearance to; make plausible
4. to alter or influence to some degree, as by distortion or exaggeration [prejudice colored his views]
1. to become colored
2. to change color, as ripening fruit
3. to blush or flush
4. to engage in the child's pastime of drawing or coloring pictures with wax crayons, etc.
call to the colors
1. call or order to serve in the armed forces
2. Mil. a bugle call for the daily flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremonies
change color
1. to become pale
2. to blush or flush
lose color
to become pale
of color
who is nonwhite; now esp., who is black [a woman of color]
show one's true colors or show one's colors
1. to reveal one's true self
2. to make one's opinions, position, etc. known
under color of
under the pretext or guise of
SYN.- COLOR is the general term, for which see the definition above; SHADE refers to any of the gradations of a color with reference to its degree of darkness [a light shade of green ]; HUE1, often equivalent to COLOR, is used specifically to indicate a modification of a basic color [orange or a reddish hue]; TINT refers to a gradation of a color with reference to its degree of whiteness and suggests a paleness or delicacy of color [pastel tints]; TINGE suggests the presence of a small amount of color, usually diffused throughout [white with a tinge of blue ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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